Saturday, January 17, 2009

The age of the iPod

I have an iPod. Don't get me wrong it's a fantastic invention. To be able to store what defines the world, society, us, you, me through music in a tiny little box of metal that fits into a pocket is indeed extremely handy. The efficiency of the iPod is incredible, it's easy to search, play, stop, start, rewind, fast forward... and this is where I have a problem

I can't help but notice that the so-called iPod generation can now not listen to a song to the end. It's just so easy to stop the song and play another one that whatever delight in the song the user first had is slightly devoid of meaning... I know this could happen on a cd player or any other device but the iPod seems to encourage it.
I'm not blaming the iPod, how could I? It knows no better. I'm rather blaming the fickle population that falls prey to the new age of technology. If we can't even finish listening to a song without getting bored what has the world come to.
I'll never forget one of my friends saying 'hey this is an incredible song, listen', he then put the earphone in my ear and I listened, we got to the end of the first chorus, about a minute in, and he said 'yeah that's enough I'm bored, listen to this'. 
Anyone reading this is probably thinking 'what the hell is she on about, this is the most ridiculous thing I've ever read'. But it started me, and since then I've noticed that people just don't listen to a song anymore and thus the enjoyment they once had in the song has deadened. 

It just shows how impatient we have become, and how mundane and trivial activities are that were once so much more indulgent. And it scares me. It's easy - why bother? Scary.

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  1. Yeah i agree. I think ever since limewire came up (and its legal equivalent - itunes) and started offering downloads of single songs the charm of listening to an entire album back-to-back (as the artist intends alot of the time) is completly lost. The inability to listen to a single song at a stretch just shows how hungry our on the go generation is for entertainment and information. Suits media corporations just fine though. They can somehow churn out endless reels of garbage on TVs, radio, newpapers and ofcourse the internet.